Our annual family reunion will begin Saturday September 2 with a catered banquet at The Anniston City Meeting Center. This will be a semi formal event. Dress to impress 😉 Sunday September 3 there will be a picnic with games and activities for all ages. This will also be catered. We are currently trying to decide between Oxford Lake or the park we hosted at last year. Since Breona and I are doing this virtually please feel free to suggest other locations and we can check the prices for that as well. Right now the cost is looking to be around $45/ $50 for the adults and $25/ $30 for the kids. Please understand that is including the venues, food, decorations, etc. for 2 days. The cost could go down depending on the amount of participation we receive. The more people that attend the cheaper the overall cost becomes. We will have t-shirts available to purchase for an additional cost. The design is currently being worked on but if anyone has any ideas please let us know. 😊 The DEADLINE for ticket purchases is July 1, 2017

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    Adult ticket$ 50.00
    Ages 13 and above
    When:9/2/2017 6pm
    Where:Anniston Meeting Center
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    Child Ticket$ 30.00
    Ages 4 - 12
    When:9/2/2017 6pM
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